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The Greenbrier Valley Scholarship Program is a collaborative effort of area businesses, clubs, groups, organizations and schools to enable students to more easily apply for scholarships in Greenbrier, Monroe, and Pocahontas counties in West Virginia.  By completing this online process, you will be able to apply for many of the scholarships that exist in the tri-county area and some state-wide scholarships as well.

Some of the scholarships offered are state-wide.  Consequently, this application system is also open for students who do not reside in the Greenbrier Valley.
We encourage you to begin by reading about the scholarships that are available, the people for whom they were named, and/or the donors whose generosity made them possible.
  This search will allow you to see all of the requirements before you begin the process and take appropriate actions when completing the form.

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Most of the scholarships are due in early March; however, some have other deadlines. Please be certain to check the dates that the applications are due. After deadlines have passed, you will not be able to apply for those scholarships.
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Tip:  You are not required to answer all of the questions in order to submit your application.  However, failure to answer questions may disqualify you from certain scholarships.  Therefore, the more information you provide, the better your chances are for winning a scholarship.

This online application is maintained by the Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation.  For more information or questions about the application, contact info@gvfoundation.org or call 304-645-5620.


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